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ANNY Exchange Animation Talent

Portfolio Highlight #1

Noah Mauchly

Director of MOUSE


ANNY Screening:

Program 62 | Season 6 – NOT ALONE – ANNY Virtual Events


Mouse Trailer

Director Bio

Noah Mauchly is a US-born animator and filmmaker whose work spans a range of human subjects (often represented by odd looking animals) and methods of traditional animation. His first film MOUSE was completed in 2021.

Director Statement

I am an animator and filmmaker based in both London and the US. I aim to explore universal and human subjects in my work, such as emotion, social engagement and relationships, perception, aging and time, and the beauty to be found in simplicity. I work primarily in traditionally animating with pencil on paper in order to retain the textures of human touch in my work. Additionally, I find interest in exploring the possibilities of animation techniques through experimental methods including rotoscoping, pixilation, mixed-media stop-motion and sound-based work.

Along with Tom Alan Bates, I run Yo, Jimbo! Animation, which is a collective determined to bring new and exciting animation to the good folks of today.

Like the rest of you, I fear for the end of the world, and hope my work reminds people of the things that unite us and make us human. Thanks, and have a good day.