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ANNY Exchange Talent Connect Initiative

Reviews & Testimonials

“It’s a great initiative, it would be great if there were more events like this throughout the year.”

I loved the ANNY Exchange! It was so wonderful getting to meet professionals in a block of time that was specific for just chatting and showing work. It was great to see other people have a similar experience. I thought the amount of time was perfect as well. “

“I enjoyed chance to speak with someone one on one was fantastic and gave me a lot to think about.”

Loved the pitching one-on-one opportunity

“I’ve met interesting people and learned new things from them”

I just wanted to thank you for this event.  This was a fantastic way for people to connect with each other and get their ideas out in the open.

“You were kind and helpful and went the extra mile for us and I appreciate that a lot. I will never be able to put my gratitude into words. :-)”

“You are all brilliant!”

“I think the best moments were those that we spent together as a group, because it’s so inspirational to listen to people from all over the world talking about how animation production works in their countries and also meeting people from different fields of film.”

“The best part was definitely meeting all the amazing people from the program. “

“It was nice having these moments of meeting up, get to know each other and share knowledge and thoughts about film making or animation.”

Animation Nights New York collaborates with organizations around the world for in person and online events focused on bringing people together. 

We are always looking for opportunities to promote the art of animation and create opportunity for Creative Talent.